Kathleen D′Oré began working with glass fibre and resin in the 1970’s and in the 1980’s concentrated on sculpture in this medium. In the 1990’s she began experimenting with painting in resin, which resulted in cast panels that she calls Lumina.

Created in reverse with multiple layers of resin in translucent colour creating three-dimensional abstract expressionist paintings. Completely opaque at first glance, Lumina comes to life when lit from behind revealing colours of great depth and brilliance. Lumina have universal appeal and observers find it easy to relate to the work. The vivid patterns of flowing colour invite viewers to respond and create their own images in the painting.

Pop UP Gallery

I do not number myself among these giants but the idea for Lumina certainly started with a picture in my head and I then spent a number of years working out empirically – how to manifest that dream and turn it into Lumina paintings that the world could see.


Arch of Experience

Made with secret resins


Iconic designs


Uniquely hand crafted

Jelly fish

Perfect for artlovers


Made to order on special requests

Sleeping Lion

Powerfull & emotional

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